How does dental insurance work? Part I

How does dental insurance work? Most of us are puzzled with the complexities of how insurance coverages work. In this article, we will simply start with the basics and will follow through with some helpful information in our next articles. 

Dental insurance, in general, should be considered as a benefit to help patients cover some of the costs of their dental work. Some insurance companies would cover a higher percentage on preventive care, diagnostic and even basic services. Make sure you understand some key points when looking for a new dental office. In this blog, we will cover what is the difference between in-network and out-of-network plans.

Is the dental office in-network or is it out-of-network? These terms will determine your out-of-pocket costs.

In-network plan means that the dental office is contracted to accept your dental insurance and charge you the fee they have agreed with your insurance company. Some dental offices may not be contracted with any insurance companies and they will be considered out-of-network. This means the patient is going to cover the price difference of the office fees and what the insurance company will reimburse. Dental offices choose to do this type of practice so that they do not have to negotiate fees with the insurance companies. However, in-network offices opt to accept dental insurance to provide services to a greater pool of patients. With in-network plans, patients may have bigger savings on their dental services.

In conclusion, always assess what is best for you and your family. Our team at Santee Dental Team is prepared to answer any of your questions. 

Stay tuned for more helpful articles. 


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