Upgrade You Smile With Veneers

Imperfections can keep us from having that smile we've always dreamed of having. Our Santee, CA, dentist can help us correct many of these, but for a full smile transformation, for a complete upgrade, dental veneers can be a great option. There is a lot to consider when deciding if veneers are best for us, and to help us with this decision we can turn to Santee Dental Team with Dr. Michael Tyler and Dr. Jared Gibbons.

How They Work

It may be easier to think of dental veneers in relation to dental crowns, but there are some key differences. Both can restore the appearance of your smile but a crown is a preferred choice when significant tooth structure has been lost, while veneers still depend on otherwise strong teeth. This means that less of the tooth is removed to apply the veneer, which is a thin yet very strong tooth-shaped shell.

How They Excel 

While not the best choice for heavily damaged teeth, teeth that don't need this level of extra protection can enjoy a number of other benefits. They can restore and even improve the shape of a tooth that has been chipped or worn down or is just naturally too short or misshapen. They can also correct small gaps between the teeth, minor misalignments, and are even a great choice for treating teeth that don't respond to traditional whitening treatments. Treating all of these imperfections at once with multiple dental veneers is how many people are completely transforming their smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Santee, CA

Just as dental crowns can sometimes be more appropriate for correcting larger gaps between the teeth and those that are majorly crooked, orthodontic care may be the best approach. Whatever the case, our dentist can help us find the best possible treatment for our individual needs.

If you're ready for a smile upgrade the first step to take is to come into the office for a consultation. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tyler and Dr. Gibbons of Santee Dental Team in Santee, CA, by dialing (619) 449-0050.

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